Homeopathic Repertory Search Software

Available for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems

HomeRep is a self contained search engine of the homeopathic repertory. It does not require a connection to the internet. This insures complete privacy and speed of processing.

The software was designed to be easy to use by anyone interested in the subject of homeopathy, but students of homeopathy and homeopathic practitioners may find this tool most useful as well.

Searching a large repertory is a tedious, time consuming job and over the years professional software has been developed to help homeopathic practitioners speed up this process. This type of software runs into the thousands of dollars and may require expensive subscriptions. HomeRep was build to be light, fast and affordable.

How to use this app

Read carefully the list under the heading "Symptoms Found". Keep in mind that a more peculiar symptom is more important than a general one. When you click on a line in the "Symptoms Found" table the full text is displayed immediately below. If you double click on a line the selected symptom will be added to the "Symptoms Selected" tabe (with a green heading). To remove a selected symptom double click on it (in the "Symptoms Selected" table).

Try to add to your "Selected Symptoms" as many symptoms you can identify. When you are ready click on the "Find Remedies" button. The result will appear in the "Remedies Found" table.

The result is sorted by rank. Higher ranks are more likely to be a good match for the symptom combination selected.

Save the result

You can save he result of your search on your hard drive. The file is saved in HTML format and can be opened with your favorite browser. If you are a student of homeopathy you can organize your files by renaming them and creating a foder structure to suit your needs. The saved files can be printed or shared with others via email.


Any comment or help to improve the remedy selection and this app in general is welcome. We are especially looking forward for comments from professional homeopathic practitioners.

FDA Disclosure Statement

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This application is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.